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Yo Soy Custom

Our Story

Yo Soy Custom is owned by artist and educator Alexis Munoz. Alex is a Boston native of Puerto Rican dissent, with a BA in Sociology and a minor in Education from Brandeis.


Alex has worked for Boston Public Schools since 2015 and is currently an Applied Behavior Analyst serving grades K-8.


Alexis’ passion for creativity sparked the idea for his sneaker design business during the 2020 pandemic. Alexis has always loved creating new things to fit people's unique personalities and passions, and is thrilled to be designing cleats and sneakers for professional athletes, coaches, politicians, educators, and local business leaders.


At Yo Soy Custom, we provide a unique service for extraordinary people who want to commemorate their achievements and interests in a fun and fashionable way.


Not only does Alex customize sneakers for his clients and community heroes, he has also been teaching his students this form of art at the Young Queens and Kings Scholar program where he is the Co-Directer. The Scholar Program is an after-school program designed to guide students in understanding their identities and self worth, and to inspire and prepare students to become leaders.


Ready to hit the ground running? Our team is eager to collaborate with you to design your one-of-a kind kicks so you can step out with pride in your gorgeous new shoes. Your feet are in for a treat!

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